data science

scientific methods to extract knowledge and insights from data

scientific computing

algorithms and technology to understand and solve complex problems

data engineering

technology and techniques to make data useful to a project

data cybernetics

We like to call ourselves data cyberneticians - a combination of data science and cybernetics. The term cybernetics refers to the trans-disciplinary approach for exploring regulatory systems. It is this combination data science - creating insight - and cybernetics - apply these insights to achieve a desired effect - that our approach to problem solving.

Data cybernetics is a partnership of practitioners with a scientific background and years of experience in the of software engineering, scientific computing, machine learning and statistics. We have been software and data engineers/scientists for most of our careers and offer hands on, practical and efficient consulting services and implementations.

our team - the partnership

Our company is designed as a partnership, specifically the German form Partnerschaft (PartG). Each partner oversees his special group and is thus charged with responsibility but also with flexibility enhancing her/his commitment to our customers. The combined expertise of each partner is available to each of our customers.

Philipp Leser

Philipp Leser

Founding Partner

Dipl. oec. University of Tübingen

Carsten Blank

Carsten Blank

Founding Partner

Dr. rer. nat., Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

What we offer


Data Science is the art and science of gaining insight and extract information from all kinds of structured and unstructured data. As practitioners we know that this includes much more than applying the latest machine learning techniques. With some exceptions to the rule, data wrangling, feature design and applying domain knowledge are far more important. But yes. We too love algorithms.


Prototypes have a bad reputation as solutions that do not matter and never lead to anything useful. We think that is extremely unfortunate. You should not waste an entire project budget just to explore the solution space or test out an idea. A well designed and realistic prototype is great way to reduce risks or to challenge the high costs of an expensive commercial solution. Prototyping done right can save you millions!


After many years as consultants and developers across a broad range of technologies, industries and problem domains we consider ourselves battle hardened veterans. Creating resilient, performant and maintainable software as well as designing practical and affordable architectures has become second nature to us.


We have experienced all kinds of projects. Impressive success stories as well as painful failures. We will not claim here that we can guarantee you that your project will be a success story or that we always know more than your team. But assisting you on technology and science related decisions will considerably improve the odds in your favor.


Quantum computing is on the verge of becoming an industry ready technology. We believe from first hand exploration that the quantum computer will solve a new class of problems that couldn't be solved before. Therefore we are investing effort & brain power to algorithm design & implementation on the theoretical level and also on near-term devices such as the IBM quantum experience.